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We believe in architecture...
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... and we believe that architecture in its best ...
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...aqcuires the power...
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... to invoke intense feelings ...
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... stimulate the senses ...
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... and ultimately ...
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... improve human life.
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In our architecture, inspiration comes from a wide spectrum of life experiences and an endless variety of shapes and ideas rising out of nature. Forms and spaces created can be so unique and timeless as nature and life itself.



We approach our projects in a holistic way. For every project we form a dedicated team, including all kinds of engineers, landscapers, lighting designers and experts taking care of public documents and permits. In this way we ensure an integrated result. In addition we offer you a custom made design according to your needs, thus we provide personal identity to your space. At the same time, we give special consideration to energy efficient, ecological design, carrying this mentality throughout the whole construction.



“Architecture is both the process of designing and creating physical structures.” We give life to our design by actually building our projects. We supervise, taking care and protecting our ideas throughout the construction process. We keep a close eye being present, researching, investigating ways of application. We carry this experience through our new projects.


Tazlab is a group of architects sharing a passion for creating inspirational, everlasting spaces for all human activities.

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