Tazlab is a group of architects sharing a passion for creating inspirational, everlasting spaces for all human activities.



Coming from a family of constructors, before he was totally attracted to architecture, Christos (Tito) obtained a Certificate of Studies in Business Administration from A.C.T., Thessaloniki. After a brief period in Florence, where he was introduced to architecture, he moved to the U.S.A. where he graduated from A.S.U. with a bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture and Planning. It was there, in Arizona, where he molded his personal conception of spaces and design. Returning to Greece, he acquired a master’s degree in Architecture from A.U.T. Thessaloniki. He further deepened his knowledge in “Green” architecture participating in the “European Master in Renewable Energy” course in Athens. He is a registered architect since 1998 where he entered the family construction business, Macon Group. Besides designing and supervising, he acquired extensive experience in project management and controlling both small and large scale projects. In 2008 he established his independent architectural laboratory, Taz. He oversees every TazLab project, from the first sketches to the last detail, ensuring that it follows a creative path that leads consistently to a finely streamlined construction persistently committed to original design.



Ioanna joined TazLab in 2008 as a partner after she completed her studies in the Technological Institute of Athens in interior design and obtained her architectural diploma from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Since then she has deeply involved in various interior design projects leading the design in many of them. She is currently the head of the interior and decoration department, designing, researching organizing and supervising projects throughout the whole production process.



Kimo collaborates with Tito since 2006. He holds a diploma of Architecture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, a Lighting design Msc, Hellenic Open University, and an Environmental Design of Buildings Msc, Hellenic Open University. He is also a certified Energy Inspector. He participated in numerous national and international competitions acquiring valuable experience in designing large-scale projects. At TazLab he took part, designed and supervised a wide range of projects and typologies.


Yiota holds a “Master in collective housing” at E.T.S.A.M, Madrid, and Architectural Diploma, UTH. She first worked with Tito and TazLab from 2008 to 2015 being an essential member of the team in every project. She still is a valuable associate collaborating in several current works. She draws international experience from working in Spain and the USA, cooperating with many architectural firms for the design of a variety of residential projects, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and commercial spaces.


Sofia is an architect engineer and active computational analyst. She studied architecture at AUT and concluded her postgraduate studies on computation and data analysis at UCL. Since 2016 she has been an essential part of our team, participating in all phases of the design production, from sketch to presentation and research process.


Kleanthis holds a diploma in architecture from the Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia. A registered architect since 1985, along with his team, he has cooperated with major construction companies and has involved preparing, handling and obtained more than 300 building permits in every scale and category. He collaborates closely with Tito and TazLab since 2006 converting and preparing all our architectural plans ensuring compliance with building regulations, collecting and completing all other eligible documents necessary to obtain the permit needed. He continues to manage and support every project throughout its progress until the final inspection and completion until permission to operate.


Panos is a civil engineer holding a diploma from A.U.T. Thessaloniki. He has also obtained a Business Careers initiative program certificate at Columbia University, New York. Involved in the building environment since 2000, he draws a vast experience in project management, construction and jobsite presence of a great variety of projects. Since 2015 Panos and his team have managed, supervised and controlled the construction of most of our projects.


Skilled civil engineer with experience in a variety of engineering aspects, Costas is a registered professional since 1998. He collaborates closely with Tito and Tazlab since 2010, managing to compile structural solutions with challenging architecture, always reflecting our design.


Christina is the accountant of the office since 2009. She is responsible for keeping our financials and cash flow in order. She also takes care of taxation books, contracts and business reports, being an irreplacable member of our team.



In our architecture, inspiration comes from a wide spectrum of life experiences and an endless variety of shapes and ideas rising out of nature. Forms and spaces created can be so unique and timeless as nature and life itself.


We approach our projects in a holistic way. For every project we form a dedicated team, including all kinds of engineers, landscapers, lighting designers and experts taking care of public documents and permits. In this way we ensure an integrated result. In addition we offer you a custom made design according to your needs, thus we provide personal identity to your space. At the same time, we give special consideration to energy efficient, ecological design, carrying this mentality throughout the whole construction.


Architecture is both the process of designing and creating physical structures." We give life to our design by actually building our projects. We supervise, taking care and protecting our ideas throughout the construction process. We keep a close eye being present, researching, investigating ways of application. We carry this experience through our new projects.